Become a Catalyst for Care in Our Community!

Become a Catalyst for Care in Our Community! image




There is tremendous need in our community—our fellow community members are facing challenges that seem impossible to overcome:

Families go without basic securities like food and shelter on a daily basis. Seniors experience extreme loneliness, which negatively impacts their health. People with disabilities seek employment to achieve their full potential. At-risk youth overcome adversity to become first-generation college students. People of all ages seek to stabilize ongoing mental health issues.

At Seven Hills, we care for the most vulnerable members of our community. The quality of their lives depends on us—and YOU.

With YOUR support, together we become Catalysts for Care in Our Community.

It takes action to achieve measurable change. Your gift, today, will loosen the grip of insurmountable need and build on the Seven Hills Foundation of care where our families, our neighbors, and YOU can engage, thrive, and #BeWell.