Give the Gift of Arts for All

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Sharing is Caring

Arts for All Just imagine the possibilities, then take the leap from thinking to creating! Releasing imagination through the therapeutic value of the arts can have impactful results. Everyone has talents and interests to bring to the table, the easel, the stage, the instrument. Access to the Arts for All through Therapeutic Arts provides outlets to nurture and hone our innate abilities. Throughout Seven Hills, we are tapping into a collective force that is being driven by self-expression at the creative core of the children and adults with disabilities, brain injury, and significant life challenges we support. Just imagine the comfort and joy your gift will bring!

“Art can make anyone forget about their problems and just be happy. If I’m having a bad day, as soon as I get to the art museum, I put it on paper. That makes me smile.” —Ramona, ASPiRE! artist

Therapeutic Arts bring comfort and joy. Give the gift of Access to the Arts for All and bring the joy of self-expression for artists of All abilities.

93 cents of every dollar directly supports Seven Hills programs.